Happiness is the right that most possess although not everybody uses it to its maximum potential as most people are busy leading their hectic lives within this fast paced world. The stress, the pollution along with the continuous disturbance has created us annoyed and it has shot down our confidence due despair that develops when happiness isn’t enough. Consequently to relieve you out of your stress and raise the amount of happiness in your life Mercury blog has displayed you having a golden ticket to happiness in only four simple steps that you need to do by yourself.


1. Gain clarity in your beliefs

Many feel that increasing clarity on your own objectives in life will do however they don’t realize that our aims don’t establish us our values do. Your beliefs play an essential role in our happiness; our beliefs are always in par with your Happiness simply speaking the reason why you’re sad is due to your disappointed beliefs like feeling that you’re unworthy of success, unworthy of others love, will not manage to be successful in life etc.
So do the straightforward process of noting down most of the unhappy values that you have experienced in per week and in reverse to that create all of the beliefs which you want to have in the future weeks with the necessary steps to achieve them. These steps will be your action want to create your sad beliefs into happy ones very quickly.

2. Gain clarity in your Goals

When you fail to achieve a target you could feel unhappiness however it is very important to have quality in your goals. After your beliefs are categorized you’ll observe that your targets are bit unclear making you future filled with uncertainty. So get quality on your objectives (some of them at the same time) and note down the required step to be used to achieve your objective and follow them. Increasing clarity on your goals makes it possible to achieve balance in your lifetime which will be crucial for happiness.

3. Remove what’s not helping you

After gaining understanding in your goals and values the next thing will be to remove everything that not working for you. The things to be removed are of negative aspects which are distractions (TV, social media sites etc.), comparison with others resulting in sad values and low self-esteem, unnecessary obligations that push you in the backburner as you are far more focused on others and lastly time-management enabling you to use your own time most productively. Many don’t take the reduction of adverse facts as being a priority but such negative facts become a drawback in getting understanding of your goals and beliefs thus not allowing happiness.

4. Happy surroundings

After doing such work it is very important to take care of the happiness you’ve achieved till today and this is not possible when you’re surrounded by negative people bringing you down. So make it a point to become surrounded by happiness and people who add to the happiness with their beliefs, thoughts etc. And happy environments are improved by creatures like dogs, cats etc. that may raise your happiness using their happy heart.

So follow these simple principles and accomplish the Happiness which you have a directly to and deserve.