Glaucoma is a medical term which describes a group of ocular disorders with aspects or several causes of etiology that is linked with optic neuropathy. It may damage the vision completely if not properly handled which can also cause blindness if it affects the eyes. It is associated with the substance of the attention and its force (aqueous humor). “Ocular hypertension” is just a period which is often employed for individuals with no link of an optic nerve that is broken, with often raised intraocular pressure. In other words, the definition of ‘normal tension’ or ‘lower tension’ glaucoma identifies people who have optic nerve damage. It is also connected with visual field loss but low or regular IOP.

Nerve damage also contains loss of retinal ganglion cells inside the pattern of features; there are various various kinds of glaucoma. All of the glaucoma types can be considered as the primary, optic neuropathy and the most dangerous risk factor for that is raised intraocular pressure.

They might never have created any damage although there are those who may be affected by this for your past several years but not all instances would be the identical to many people can form this at a straight low pressure. It results in permanent damage which further leads to blindness, if the glaucoma is left untreated.

There are two major categories where glaucoma is split about; “open-angle” and “closed-angle.” The viewpoint of glaucoma really identifies even the region that is between the iris and cornea of the eye whereby the liquid should move or the element. Closed- angle glaucoma is extremely painful and it may appear suddenly. In closed-angle glaucoma, lack of vision progresses rapidly but the distress it causes typically brings the person to get medical attention before it causes any permanent damage to the eyes or results in blindness. Open- angle glaucoma progresses very slowly that’s the main reason why people don’t notice it, when they finally begin seeing it, they have already lost their vision.

Demands that occur within the interior chambers as well as the posterior set on the vitreous body while it forces the contact of the eyes back. However, the loss of vision that is caused because of glaucoma usually starts at the tips with peripheral visual field.

Treatment is essential the moment possible to make sure that it does not cause further damage. It is the next leading reason for blindness in folks from throughout the world. It affects one in every 200 individuals, who’s not more than 50 and in it affects one in 10 individuals over the age of 80 years. If glaucoma is discovered in the initial phases then it is not nearly impossible to slow down the advancement by using medicines or through surgical means.

“Glaucoma” is truly a Greek word meaning “opacity of the crystalline lens.”

Treatments that you can use for Glaucoma are as follows:

• Take 50 mg. of Rutin two or three times weekly as bioflavonoid assists in reducing pain and pressure of water inside the attention.

• Carotenoid and Vitamin E will be the greatest items that you your eyes healthy as well as can try maintain your vision better.

• Eat spinach over a regular basis.

• Take Lutein extract as it contains carotenoid, which can be proven to be good for the retina and eye tissue.

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